The Bloodied Bride / OVTT Combo


With the current ESPN documentary going around, it is compulsory to read Oscar vs the Truth before or after you have watched it, and preferably before. After reading this high-quality illustrative 210-page book (full-colour), filled with 80K words, about 500 colour photos of the crime scene and injuries, and high-quality analyses, the reader will be most informed with regards to all aspects of the case and its merits.

For only US 17.50  you get the print-replica e-copy (which is good because you can zoom into the many high-quality photos) AND an e-copy of the newly released The Bloodied Bride, about the murder of Anni Dewani. This book is most revealing and delves deep and merciless into this audacious murder.

Both are must-reads for any person with an interest in murder cases, and more so in facts pertaining to them.



These books are only available in PDF e-format (not hard-copy) – and can be read on your PC, laptop, tablet or phone (Windows or Mac). It is not available in Kindle format.

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